screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-4-25-23-pmThe Land Use Committee interacts with developers in the community first. Developers present their proposed projects to the Land Use Committee for an initial community weigh-in before the process continues. Land Use looks at sustainability and affordability as major factors when reviewing projects. Are you a developer interested on getting on the agenda? Contact us.

The Land Use Committee meets every first Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at Jennings Community School (2455 University Ave. W. 55114). These meetings are open to the public.

If you would like to propose an agenda item for the Land Use Committee to discuss, please email two weeks prior to the meeting. Community members, businesses and others requesting or responding to a variance are encouraged to reach out and share their thoughts.

Minutes from previous meetings are archived to read online.

Development Guidelines

The Land Use Committee serves as the body through which our Council discusses development in the neighborhood. In order to encapsulate the values our neighborhood cares about in real estate development, the Land Use Committee created Development Guidelines. These guidelines help us start conversations with developers on creating community-oriented developments that will thrive in the area and contribute the vibrancy and livability our neighborhood enjoys. The following document reflects criteria that the Land Use Committee will use to discuss and evaluate developments in the neighborhood: Development Guidelines.

Variance Application Requirements:

The Land Use Committee makes recommendations to the City of St. Paul in the form of letters of support or dissent on variances, vacations, and other modifications to a property site that fall outside of code. The Committee hears the request of the property owner and makes a recommendation based off of the discussion and any follow-up research necessary. For more information on variances, go here.

Towerside Innovation District
Towerside Innovation District

Please come prepared to the meeting with:

  1. The ID of requested variance copy of city form
  2. Photo(s)
  3. Site plans

Please contact staff to get on the agenda at least one week before the meeting and give above information to staff to distribute to Land Use members at least two days before the Land Use meeting and offer letters of support detailing efforts to communicate with neighbors before the Land Use meeting.

Read about our neighborhood’s Current Development Projects.

District 12 hosts a historic district as designated by the Heritage Preservation Commission. To read about the guidelines for development in the University/Raymond Historic District, read the HPC’s guidelines here.

Land Use set the following goals for 2017:

  1. Take an active role in updating the ten year plan
  2. Understand what the current zoning for the neighborhood is
  3. Review the current neighborhood vision and plans
  4. Increase communication and participation with community members
  5. Take leadership in the Towerside 2.0 group
  6. Continue to review collaboration with developers, esp. development guidelines, to promote positive development within the community
  7. Explore a district parking system for the neighborhood
  8. Complete Policies and Procedures and pass it to the Board
  9. Study and report on opportunities for a town center
  10. Strengthen connections between parts of the neighborhood