Vote for your SAPCC Board!

Vote online here for your neighbors to represent you on the St. Anthony Park Community Council.

Voting will be held online and in-person at neighborhood locations from Monday, Dec. 3 – Tuesday, Dec. 11.

Look for in-person voting on the following days and talk to current SAPCC Board Members:

  • St. Anthony Park Library: See librarian.

  • Hampden Park Co-op: Saturday, December 8, 3-5 p.m.

Polls close Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.  Elected delegates will be officially voted in at our December 13 meeting – 7 p.m. at Jennings Community School – 2455 University Avenue West.


Candidate Information

Elected/appointed delegates or alternates to SAPCC serve as a member of its Board of Directors which has responsibility for governing the organization, including planning, financing, and policy decisions.  Voting will be available at neighborhood locations, in the SAPCC office, and online.

Candidates are asked the following questions to share with voters:

  • Please tell us a little about yourself and why you want to serve on the Board of Directors for the St. Anthony Park Community Council.
  • What do you believe makes you a good candidate to serve in this role? What skills will you bring to the SAPCC Board?
  • As a board member, how will you help foster the future of St. Anthony Park?
  • As a board member, how will you fulfill and build upon the commitment SAPCC has made to equity, diversity, and inclusion in our organization?

Board Job Description

North St. Anthony Park Candidates

Keith Hovland

I have lived in St. Anthony Park for over 40 years and have benefited from the efforts of many others who have worked so hard to make this community a very special community in St. Paul.  I have served on the Land Use Committee for three years and was the chair of a subcommittee to produce a draft of a new Policies and Procedures Manual for District 12.  I will strive to provide more affordable housing and jobs, but also to maintain the unique character of the community.  I fully support equity, diversity, and inclusion and will support efforts in those areas in the formation of committees and task groups that may be developed in the future.


John Maurer

My wife and I moved to SAP in 2014 to be near our daughter and future grandchildren. I was fortunate to be able to sell my business and spend the majority of my time watching my grandchildren. For the first time in my life I find myself with an excess of time and would like to do something of value to my community. Serving on the Board of Directors for St. Anthony Park Community Council would be and interesting opportunity to become more involved in insuring the quality of our neighborhood.  The board for my small business was made up of a varied group of people with a diversity of skills. The same seems to apply in this case. Foremost would be a commitment to SAP and an open mind to the many varied needs of the residents and businesses in our community. As a business owner for over 25 years I learned to be a good decision maker, a patient listener, and a respectful interlocutor with partners, employees, and clients. In the few years that I have been a resident of the neighborhood, I have succeeded in relocating my daughter and her family, and two of my siblings to move here from out of state. My wife and I look forward to spending our lives here and seek to make a larger commitment to the neighborhood. My first mission would be to understand the current projects on the board’s agenda. Additionally, striving to insure an environment that fosters a diverse community would be valuable. Finally, to assist in a process that helps business to succeed in a way that adds value to the neighborhood. Attracting appropriate commerce and protecting community norms would help to continue making SAP an interesting, diverse, and prosperous location.  The ideas of equity, diversity, and inclusion are values I share. As a father, I’ve instilled these values in my children who have both achieved their medical degrees in an effort to help others. I frequently donate my time for varying causes from campaigns to volunteering, and make an effort to reach out to my neighbors both socially and to offer assistance when it is needed. Maintaining the quality of life in SAP is an opportunity and challenge which inspires me.

Nathan Tracy

I grew up in SAP and served on the Community Council in the early 2000s when I was in high school at Como. I stayed connected to the neighborhood with my parents living there, and earlier this year my wife and I decided to move back to SAP and buy a home. We chose the neighborhood because of how incredible it is, and I want to do my part to ensure the continuation of that success. This is a critical time with changes in transportation, land use, and resources all developing very quickly.  I have a deep understanding of the history of the neighborhood, but I also have recent experiences of living in other city neighborhoods and hope to bring new insights and perspectives that will be beneficial to SAP. I understand the need to balance objectives and realize there are many competing opinions and ideas, the answer isn’t always clear cut. Working in data analytics has given me a firm understanding how to look at numbers to really understand what is going on. The future of the neighborhood is very personal to me. My wife and I specifically chose to move back to SAP earlier this year. We both take transit, we drive, we bike, we are active consumers of everything the neighborhood has to offer, we are fully invested in living here. I want to make sure SAP continues to be a strong, vibrant community that continues to adapt to the challenges and opportunities presented as the larger Twin Cities continues to evolve.  SAP has always been a welcoming, accepting neighborhood. The University, light rail, and robust retail environment mean that a wide-cross section of people both live and spend time in our neighborhood. It’s critical that they feel welcomed and have the opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas. It’s important to seek out feedback from a wide range of groups.

South St. Anthony Park Candidates

Heather Humbert

Since moving to the neighborhood in 2016, I have been watching the growth and I’d like to be actively involved in helping as SAP grows and changes.   I have supported multiple boards in an administrative capacity as well as serving on a volunteer board in the past.  I hope to support through active participation on committees and through community activities.  by continuing to listen to our neighbors, reaching out, researching and being proactive to needs and support.

Walker Johnston

My name is Walker Johnston, and I moved to Saint Anthony Park in September after having graduated this past June from Carleton College in Northfield, MN with a major in Art History. While I currently work as a Gallery Assistant at the Walker Art Center, I recently had the opportunity to do contract research work for Can Can Wonderland, and I am excited to immerse myself in the creative opportunities that are happening more locally. I plan on pursuing a career in architecture and/or urban design/planning. My interest in the built environment stems from my belief that design has the power to create communities that are more sustainable, equitable and democratic. Likewise, my passions for equitable public spaces, people-centered urban design, and city planning fuel my interest in serving of the Board of Directors for the SAPCC. I am eager to become civically engaged and to explore firsthand the ways that policy can inspire lasting positive changes that benefit the entire community. As a newcomer to both St. Paul and St. Anthony Park, I cannot claim to bring a deep, rich knowledge of the neighborhood to the Community Council. However, I believe several of my strengths lie in the fact that I am both young and new to the community. My innate curiosity, passion, and eagerness to learn are all qualities that will make me an active, engaged board member. Furthermore, my liberal arts education equipped me with a strong research background that makes me prepared to put in the work necessary to learn more about this community and its specific needs. Additionally, I consider myself a people-person, and I genuinely enjoy learning about other people and listening to their stories. My eagerness to engage with community members, to hear their stories and listen to their needs will allow me to help make decisions about the community that reflect the constituents’ interests.  I am grateful to live in this vibrant neighborhood filled with creativity and commerce. I have become familiar with the work of the Creative Enterprise Zone, in part through my engagement with Can Can Wonderland, and am excited that the SAP community includes a cluster of creative and entrepreneurial companies and people. If elected, I will work to uphold the SAP mission to help promote creativity in order to help the neighborhood become an even more desirable place to live and work. I am eager to represent the numerous young creatives who reside in the neighborhood; I commit to ensuring that the neighborhood policymaking continues to support this population and foster creativity. I am interested in connecting with more residents (I rent in the C&E Lofts) and finding ways to engage them in the community. I will work to engage younger community members and those like myself who have recently moved to the community in order to facilitate neighborhood participation and civic engagement.  As a recent college graduate and newcomer to the neighborhood, my voice and perspective will inherently add diversity to the organization. I firmly believe that diversity is the key ingredient in creating forward-thinking communities. It is of the utmost importance that our community works to create inclusive spaces of interaction that will nurture the existing diversity while also attracting and welcoming a variety of individuals to the neighborhood. Moreover, I believe that a neighborhood cannot thrive unless all community members have access to the same resources. As a board member, I will use my voice to ensure that equity is never an afterthought, and that it lies at the center of all board member decisions.

Melissa Pappas

I have lived in this neighborhood for 20 years (before that I lived in the Merriam Park neighborhood).  I am interested in making this community a better place for everyone.  I like volunteering and am very active in the Seal Residents Council and the PHA Presidents Council.  I am Treasurer for the Seal Residents Council and the Presidents Council.  I also manage the Presidents Council’s website.  I am intelligent and detail oriented.  I have excellent computer skills.  I am also good at photography and graphic design.  I am a good writer and good with bookkeeping.  I work well with diverse groups of people.  I will help get the work out about things in the community and help organize at Seal.  I can work on multimedia and social media projects.  I can get some contacts from the Presidents Council and group we have worked with.  I try to be inclusive in my day-to-day life and foster inclusion at Seal.  I will be happy to work on things to include people from other cultures, those with disabilities, etc.  I believe everyone should have a voice and a chance to participate.

Steve Ray

Broadly speaking, my life’s work is bringing people together and cultivating collaboration where none previously existed. As a writer, producer, and small business owner in the community, I’m confident I’m not alone in saying that it’s the people of St. Anthony Park, and St. Paul at large, that have the greatest impact on my work. It would be a privilege to continue fostering a vibrant community for all those who call St. Anthony Park home. As a recent arrival to St. Anthony Park with a long family history in the neighborhood, I believe that I have the ability to embrace the neighborhood’s changing demographic while fostering the qualities that have made this place a wonderful community since my great grandfather first stepped into the Baker school in 1916 . I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm for this place with my community- especially those of my generation, 35 and under.  As a renter in the community, I believe I share the perspective of a growing number of St. Anthony Park residents. The neighborhood is changing, as it should, to accommodate the lifestyles of new residents. But with that change, it’s important to remain aware of the qualities that have made this neighborhood such a strong community since its foundation.  In 1931 two newly weds moved to St. Anthony park. George Martin was a young Irish man. His wife was Audrey Saraphine- a native member of the White Earth Band of Ojibwe. They worked at Waldorf Paper Company, shopped at the Allen Brother’s Coop, and sent their daughter, my grandmother, to St. Cecelias and The Baker School. Just as the built environment and the population of the city was changing in the 1930’s, it continues to grow today. I am the product of the connection that happens as a result of diverse populations working and living together. As St. Anthony Park’s population continues to change, it’s essential the neighborhood remains a place where communities of all backgrounds have the opportunity to live robust well-rounded lives.




What does the Board do?

Our board members direct the work of the St. Anthony Park Community Council (SAPCC) and weigh in on important community issues at monthly meetings. Board members also provide leadership to our four standing committees with other community members. Our Board approves the initiatives of each committee in addition to providing leadership for our organization.

How long is the service?

Elected board members serve a 2-year commitment to the SAPCC Board of Directors. Board members can expect to spend about 5 hours per month supporting community meetings and projects, with additional time for specific initiatives you become involved in.

Am I eligible?

Our Board is made up of up to 5 residents from South St. Anthony Park and up to 5 residents from North St. Anthony Park, elected by their neighbors. In 2018, 5 seats are open to represent North SAP, and 5 seats are open to represent South SAP. On even years, it will be reversed.

The Board also appoints up to 5 business and organization representatives and 2 leadership representatives including area students and others developing leadership skills.

Any resident 16 years and older can vote for and run in SAPCC elections. Board members and resident voters do not need to be U.S. citizens or meet other eligibility requirements for Municipal, State, or Federal elections.

When are elections?

Elections will be held in person and online at this webpage for two weeks between Monday, November 26 through Friday, December 7. Candidate information is available online and at neighborhood locations. (

2018 SAPCC Board candidates will be voted in by St. Anthony Park residents to represent your community on the Council. In 2018, residents of South SAP will vote for the 5 open SSAP seats, and residents of North SAP will vote for the 5 open NSAP seats. Candidates will be approved at the Board meeting on Thursday, December 13 from 7:00-9:00pm at Jennings Community Learning Center.

Who else is on the board?

Learn more about our current SAPCC Board of Directors on our webpage. The Board is comprised of 5 representatives from North SAP and 5 from South SAP elected by residents to 2-year terms, and up to 5 organization and 2 leadership delegates appointed by the Board to 1-year terms.

How else can I get involved?

There are many ways to make a difference with SAPCC! You can apply to join the Board of Directors, attend a Board or Committee meeting to speak on a specific issue, or join one of our four standing committees to get involved in issues you care about: 

  • Equity
  • Environment
  • Land Use
  • Transportation

All Board and Committee meetings are open to attend and participate! Learn more about our committees and find meeting information online.  

Please email any other thoughts, concerns, or questions to