Wondering where to recreate in our neighborhood? You have plenty of options! SAP has an amazing amount of green space (though we always work to get more!) Spend some time outside exploring our community.


Some parks you could investigate:

  • Hampden Park (Raymond Ave./Hampden Ave.)
  • South St. Anthony Recreation Center (890 Cromwell Ave.)
  • Cromwell Square (Manvel Ave./Cromwell Ave.)
  • Langford Park (Langford Park St./Knapp St.)
  • Gordon Square (Gordon Ave./Blake Ave.)
  • Alden Square Park (Brewseter St./Gibbs Ave.)
  • Midway Stadium (1771 Energy Park Dr.)
  • Commonwealth Park (Keston St./Commonwealth Ave.)
  • College Park (Carter Ave./Raymond Ave.)
  • Hendon Triangles Park (W. Hendon Ave/Bracston St.)
  • University Grove Park (north of Follwell Ave./Coffman St.)
  • Department of Recreational Sports (south of Cleveland Ave./Larpenteur Ave.)