With COVID-19 changing how we are able to help and reach out to our neighbors and friends, we wanted to create a system to ensure no-contact/minimal-contact drop-offs and lists of resources for essential needs. This is meant to provide help for our more vulnerable communities- those who are elderly, folks with underlying conditions like asthma, respiratory issues, or who are immunosuppressed, and those who are sick and isolating more intensely.

The biggest question we have been asking ourselves as staff at the Community Council is, “How can we support the care that already exists organically between neighbors in our community and what does that look like as new information is released and processed daily?”
This has led to a practice of compassion and adaptability to the best of our abilities. Limits and edges feel very sharp right now and we want to make sure we are listening to our bodies and doing what feels right for us. The last thing we need is for people to burn themselves out trying to help everywhere instead of focusing on an effort that they can dig into deeper.

If this effort feels like the place you would like to focus some of your time and energy, that is great! We need you! Your community needs you! Just know that this is not a binding commitment and you are encouraged to help in the ways that you are able to and only for as long as you feel capable of doing.
Below you will find a link to a Volunteer Sign-up form. Please fill it out and you will then receive more information on how we will support your neighbor check-ins. Send this to a friend if you think they would want to too! Sharing is caring, as they say!
**This is adapted from District 10’s Block Club response to COVID-19

Volunteer Here

This is SAPCC’s COVID-19 Response page that is continuously updated as new information becomes available.

Needs May Include (not limited to):
– Errands: grocery ordering/pickup, pharmacy pickup, pet care supplies… etc
– Child care
– Dog walking
– Mental Health support
– Needing specific item like thermometer, cleaning products, facemasks that could be sourced from neighbors who have enough to share and can be sanitized

Procedure for asking for help:
If you are OK, place the PLUS + sign in your window facing outward
If you are NOT OK and need assistance, place the MINUS – sign in your window facing outward

PDF with Plus(+) and Minus(-) Signs to Print at Home

If you have access to a printer at home, please use this template.
If you DO NOT have a printer, this is easy to draw on a piece of paper. Please use dark colored markers/crayons/ink and draw as large as possible!