The St. Anthony Park Community Council has had a relationship with Union Flats residents in many capacities since the building was opened in 2019. Many residents are members on one of our four committees and we have hosted community meals and meetings at the building.

In 2021, the council received complaints from residents about management, sanitary and safety issues and maintenance concerns. In November, the Equity Committee hosted a resident meeting and compiled these complaints and sent a letter to Dominium (the management company) addressing these concerns and demanding changes in how things were being managed at this property. In response, the Dominium Letter downplayed or denied all complaints.

Since then, the St. Anthony Park Community Council Equity Committee has worked to provide Renters Rights Forums, community meals, resources (listed below) and organizing help for community members who are having issues in the building or with steep rent increases. It has been recently brought to light how these issues are common in Dominium-owned buildings throughout the Twin Cities and Metro area.

As valued members our community, SAPCC continues to advocate and devote both time and resources to the Union Flats Community. In 2023, the Equity Committee will be applying for both financial and capacity building resources to support resident organizing in the building.

If you have complaints, questions, or ideas, please contact If you are a Union Flats resident, you can join their Facebook Page by searching “Union Flats Renters Page.”


HOMELine – FREE Legal Help for Renters

Housing Justice Center – Advocacy and Legal Help for Low Income Renters

SAPCC Equity Committee – Supporting Equity in St. Anthony Park through food justice, renters rights, and community building events