SAPCC hosts five standing committees to facilitate community engagement: Land Use, Environment, Transportation, Equity and Finance.  Over 30 volunteers are key to these essential civic bodies, which meet at least monthly and are often engaged in additional program work.  

The SAPCC Board and these five committees have been very active in the past year.  A partial listing of these activities is listed as follows:

  • Worked with the Ward 4 City Council office to put on a Renter’s Summit; 
  • Organized annual community dinner at Seal High Rise;
  • Efforts in the areas of food justice including a new Farmers Market;
  • Continued to promote diversity;
  • Donated over 1000 lbs. of food from the Community Garden to Seal High Rise;
  • Partnered with SPPD to host a “Stop for Me” pedestrian safety event;
  • Door knob hangers to promote timely snow shoveling;
  • Cooperated with the CEZ to promote the ChromaZone Mural & Art Festival;
  • Cooperated with the Towerside District in Minneapolis regarding Land Use Development Guidelines to promote consistent guidelines for these two adjacent communities;
  • Frequent meetings with Luther Seminary and the Luther Seminary land developers to promote effective housing development while minimizing loss of trees in Breck Woods and minimizing traffic disruption in the community resulting from increased population density;
  • Sponsoring meetings with Luther Seminary and the community to promote community input into the housing development plans;
  • Active participation into the planning for the housing development at the old Weyerhaeuser site resulting in the development of a new city park;
  • Development of a new 10-Year Plan for the community to help shape the community’s response to increased density, climate change, driverless cars, affordable housing and other areas of equity;
  • Conducted study to monitor outdoor air quality;
  • Hosted Annual Kasota Ponds clean-up;
  • Active opposition to the semi truck trailer parking near the Kasota Ponds;
  • Opposition to the dynamic billboard proposed for the Highway 280 and Highway 94 intersection;
  • Improved communications with St Paul City Offices; and
  • Established a Finance Committee, improved internal fundraising and initiated a new “Neighborhood Get Together” fundraiser in the Fall.

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