SAPCC hosts five standing committees to facilitate community engagement: Land Use, Environment, Transportation, Equity and Finance.  Over 30 volunteers are key to these essential civic bodies, which meet at least monthly and are often engaged in additional program work.  

The SAPCC Board and these five committees have been very active in the past year.  A partial listing of these activities is listed as follows:

  • Worked with HOMELine to hold a Union Flats Listening Session and provide renters rights resources
  • Organized annual community dinner at Seal High Rise
  • Donated over 1000 lbs. of food from the Community Garden to Seal High Rise
  • Installed two artistic benches and a mural on Territorial Road to promote placemaking in SSAP
  • Created at priority map for sidewalks in our community
  • Worked with the CEZ 100 Trees Project to revitalize the tree canopy in St. Anthony Park
  • Worked with Parks and Rec to provide input on the Westgate Commons Park
  • Encouraged residents to mitigate water pollution through the Adopt a Storm Drain and storm drain stenciling
  • Hosted the first SAPCC Ice Cream Social in Hampden Park with over 200 community members participating
  • Cooperated with the CEZ to promote the ChromaZone Mural & Art Festival
  • Organized with neighbors to provide feedback and direction for the removal of the Cleveland Trees
  • Worked with volunteers to maintain rain gardens along Raymond
  • Installed two Chimney Swift Towers to make a welcome habitat for this beneficial species
  • Hosted Annual Kasota Ponds clean-up
  • Initiated the first SAPCC Online Auction to fundraise for SAPCC events, projects, and goals
  • Coordinated with the St. Anthony Park Community Foundation and the Creative Enterprise Zone to build better connections and serve this neighborhood

To continue good work like this for our community, we need your financial support. A donation in any amount can help and is tax-deductible. Help make St. Anthony Park a better place to live, work, and play – donate today.