We rely on your donations to support our Community Council and to continue making St. Anthony Park the best place to live, work, and play. Make a donation today to help support our work in the community. Learn more about the work we do to support our community below.

Every spring, we host a Kasota Ponds clean up to provide some needed environmental clean up to a local wetland area. We engage local schools and our surrounding community in order to make an afternoon of fun, environmental beautification. Join us and help support our work!

We work to partner with other organizations doing important work in our neighborhood and the Twin Cities overall. We help host events like this one, focused on building better bridges and collecting community feedback about the places they live. Donate to support programs like this and our community outreach work.

We know¬†kids will build our future. That’s why we invest in them. We developed our Civic Stewardship Program to support students in their first careership and connect them to the world of civic engagement. Donate today to support community programming work!

Our Community Council led the effort to get neighborhood rain gardens to collect water, provide greenery, invest in our local ecology, and give an environment for plants, insects, and animals. Help support our work in leading innovation in our neighborhood by contributing today!