The District Council seeks to represent the demographics of the community it serves, working to ensure that major ethnic, geographic, business, and residential groups have a voice in the normal decision-making process.

The Board of Directors are elected every year according to Council Bylaws. Five delegates and two alternates for each of North St. Anthony Park and South St. Anthony Park serve 2-year terms, alongside five Organization delegates from commercial/industrial/nonprofit sectors and two Leadership delegates serving 1-year terms.

All Board and Committee meetings are public under Minnesota Open Meeting Law. You do not need to be a Board Member to serve on SAPCC committees. For more information or to get involved, please contact

SAPCC Board Members 2019

South St. Anthony Park delegates

Karen Nelson 




Heather Humbert


Walker Johnston


Melissa Pappas


Steve Ray


North St. Anthony Park delegates

Pat Thompson




Michael Russelle




Nathan Tracy




Keith Hovland




John Maurer




Organizational delegates

unnamedRay Bryan, Owner – Raymond Computer
Transportation Committee and Land Use Committee



Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 4.56.45 PMPastor Scott Simmons, Lydia Place
Equity Committee.



Sherm Eagles
Active as both a resident and local business owner, Sherm has served on a number of SAPCC programs over the years, including leadership at the SAP Community Garden.


Emerging Leader delegate

Patty George, Owner/Stylist, Salon George




<Open Seat>


The SAPCC Board of Directors has open seats! Contact to learn more about serving as a St. Anthony Park resident, a local business or organization, or as a Leadership delegate.