The District Council seeks to represent the demographics of the community it serves, working to ensure that major ethnic, geographic, business, and residential groups have a voice in the normal decision-making process.

The Board of Directors are elected every year according to Council Bylaws. Five delegates and two alternates for each of North St. Anthony Park and South St. Anthony Park serve 2-year terms, alongside five Organization delegates from commercial/industrial/nonprofit sectors and two Leadership delegates serving 1-year terms.

All Board and Committee meetings are public under Minnesota Open Meeting Law. You do not need to be a Board Member to serve on SAPCC committees. For more information or to get involved, please contact

SAPCC Board Members 2023

South St. Anthony Park Delegates

Corey Butler

I’m a psychology professor and relatively new resident to Saint Paul, having moved here in 2019.  I want to be part of the solution for making life better in our neighborhood and our city. Issues I feel strongly about include walkable neighborhoods, better public transit, and environmental protection.

Stark Mueller – Land Use Committee

We have roots in the neighborhood. Our family of 6 is young and plans to be here for a long time. Our children attend local schools and preschools. I live in the neighborhood and see many of my neighbors on a regular basis. I own and operate Minnepau Veterinary Clinic next to HPC. 

Melissa Pappas – Finances, Executive & Equity Committee

I have lived in South St. Anthony Park for 24 years. I am a writer, hobby photographer, and do computer support work. I have been involved with my hi-rise Resident Council since 2000 and a member of the SAPCC board since 2019. I love being involved in my community and doing what I can to make a difference.

Jennifer Pawlowicz

I lived in Loring Park for 30 years until I could no longer afford when it was sold to developers from Chicago. I moved to Union Flats in St Paul excited by the rent control that had been implemented.  I was excited to live in a new building that was clean, had my own washer/dryer, a diverse community and beautiful courtyard with pool. I know you are all well-acquainted with the issues that have occurred at Union Flats. I share in the disappointment of my neighbors as to the rent hikes we face and the fear of uncertainty of what is next….I want to be a part of the solution as our neighborhood continues to grow.


North St. Anthony Park Delegates

Ben Bauer – Environmental & Equity Committee

I moved to St. Anthony Park 2 years ago and am looking to get more involved in the community. I work as a lawyer and am interested in governance, but I am more interested in advocating for equity and creating a better local community.

Cambray Crozier

My exposure to the culture of Saint Anthony Park and the community itself is the reason I long dreamed to live in this neighborhood. Now, as young parent living in SAP, I hope to contribute to and continue this community tradition through service on the Council.

John Maurer – Equity Committee

I am constantly learning about my neighbors, their needs, and interests. Learning to listen to others in the community guides me to endeavor to make good decisions and take actions that help my neighbors and neighborhood succeed and prosper.

Michael Russelle – Finance & Environment Committee

I have been active, to a greater or lesser extent, in civic affairs most of my adult life, 40 years of which have been in St. Anthony Park. I care about our neighborhood, believe that civic participation is a right and a necessity, and have the time, energy, skills, and ideas to serve on the Board.

Pat Thompson – Transportation Committee

I’ve been on the board for two terms and on the Transportation Committee for about eight years, co-chairing that committee for about five years.  I grow a lot of plants and think a lot about what makes cities places people want to live, in ways that work best given the climate crisis.


Organizational Delegates

Molly Breen, St. Anthony Park Nursery School 

I have been a member of the SAP Community for most of my life, but have only lived here a total of 6 years. I very much feel connected to this community through the work I do with kids and families. I want to serve on the Council because I am eager to help build connective bridges between the work we do at the St. Anthony Park Nursery School and the broader community.

Ray Bryan, Raymond Computer – Board Co-Chair, Land Use, Transportation


Emerging Leader Delegates

Joy Gerdes – North St. Anthony Park

I am passionate about making the world a place where everyone’s voice is heard and we all have equal opportunity to live a healthy life of our own choosing. I’m Mpls/St. Paul born and raised and a current renter in SAP north. I moved here 2 years ago and immediately noticed the sense of community. I care about continuing that and working to include all members of our community. 


The SAPCC Board of Directors has open seats! Contact to learn more about serving as a St. Anthony Park resident, a local business or organization, or as a emerging leadership delegate.  Click here to apply.