The District Council seeks to represent the demographics of the community it serves, working to ensure that major ethnic, geographic, business, and residential groups have a voice in the normal decision-making process.

The Board of Directors are elected every year according to Council Bylaws. Five delegates and two alternates for each of North St. Anthony Park and South St. Anthony Park serve 2-year terms, alongside five Organization delegates from commercial/industrial/nonprofit sectors and two Leadership delegates serving 1-year terms.

All Board and Committee meetings are public under Minnesota Open Meeting Law. You do not need to be a Board Member to serve on SAPCC committees. For more information or to get involved, please contact


SAPCC Board Members 2018

South St. Anthony Park delegates

williams_melissa1Melissa Williams
“I work as an Instructional Designer and previously taught in higher education. I moved to Minnesota in 1998 for graduate school at the University of Minnesota. After completing my doctorate in American Studies, I was smitten with the Twin Cities and decided to make a life here. We’ve lived in St. Anthony Park since 2003, choosing this neighborhood for its small-town feel in the midst of a big city with great resources. We purchased our home in 2007, to be next to the co-op and eventually raise a family here. We know, love, and listen to our neighbors. I’m invested in the success of this community; I want it to exemplify our values and teach our son what civic engagement and stewardship means.”

Karen Nelson
A long-time resident of St. Paul, civil engineer, and resident in the Westgate area of St. Anthony Park, Karen has served on the Land Use Committee and Weyerhaeuser working group of SAPCC. She is committed to building on the Council’s efforts to pro-actively build a vision of future development in the neighborhood that better serves resident long-term and brings more affordable housing to the neighborhood.

John Connell
“As a Program Developer at the Wilder Foundation I use my talents to think creatively about solutions to community issues, and I’m responsible for writing grants and raising funds for programs that inspire community leadership and civic engagement. The future of St. Anthony Park belongs to the people who live, work, and visit the neighborhood. As a Board Member I will utilize community input to help shape the future of a safe, friendly, thriving, prosperous, and inclusive St. Anthony Park. For the past year I’ve been a member of SAPCC’s Equity Committee, working to ensure that SAPCC filters its actions through the lens of equity, diversity, and inclusion.”

North St. Anthony Park delegates

Pat Thompson
A resident of St. Anthony Park for 24 years (3 years in South and 21 years in North), Pat serves on the SAPCC Transportation Committee as co-chair. She is committed to working for a low-carbon St. Anthony Park, which is key to all of our futures, and plans to advocate annual participatory events by the committees that take place in different areas of the district each year.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 12.29.22 PMCharles Christopherson
Charles has been teacher and school librarian in North St Paul for 20 years. He has lived and raised his family here in St Anthony Park for the last 30 years.



Michael Russelle
“I joined the Board because we love this community and think it’s important to help it solve problems, look toward the future, and represent our decisions and wishes to policy makers. I also am active on the Environment Committee and Transition Town – All St. Anthony Park organizing group. My main priority is to help us mitigate and adapt to global climate change, so I am very happy the TT-ASAP initiative was supported by a significant Community Foundation grant last year, which will help the neighborhood develop a plan for our local, positive response to climate change. This work meshes well with the timing of the Council’s 10-year plan development. Our outreach to renters, immigrants, business, organizations, and schools, will deepen the contacts for both the Transition Town effort and the Council.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 12.23.33 PMJohn Mark Lucas
John Mark works as a multi-modal transportation planner and has served on our Transportation Committee for years. He has a long-time investment in the Community Council.



Organizational delegates

unnamedRay Bryan
Ray owns a small business in St. Anthony Park and has served as a business delegate since 2006. He also served on the Council Board from 1975-190 and in 2002. He serves on the Executive Committee, Transportation Committee, and the Land Use Committee.


Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 4.56.45 PMScott Simmons
Scott founded and runs Lydia Place, a collaborative, faith-based organization here in St. Anthony Park. He joined the board in 2015 and serves on the Equity Committee.



Sherm Eagles
Active as both a resident and local business owner, Sherm has served on a number of SAPCC programs over the years, including leadership at the SAP Community Garden.


The SAPCC Board of Directors has open seats! Contact to learn more about serving as a St. Anthony Park resident, a local business or organization, or as a Leadership delegate.