The Equity Committee meets on the first Monday of each month from 5:30-7:00 am at the Seal Hi-Rise. Minutes from previous Committee meetings are available on our archives to read online.

The Equity Committee works on any and all projects of equity in the community. So far, the group has made great strides in a few areas:

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-5-21-19-pmFood Justice

During summer 2016, a CURA/Humphrey School intern, Bettsy Hjelseth, completed a food report for St. Anthony Park that discovered huge food disparities. Our lower income residents are unable to access healthy and affordable foods. We are in the process of rectifying that disparity. The first step included rerouting donations from our community garden to stay within our own community. We will continue exploring opportunities to partner on correcting this imbalance.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

At the December 2016 SAPCC Board meeting, Board members will be trained on diversity and inclusion in an effort to weave equity into our highest decision-making body.

screen-shot-2016-07-19-at-3-50-38-pmTen Year Plan

Our Committee continues to work hard to develop language and training for all of our other committees on how to incorporate diversity and equity into our ten year planning process. This includes questions like, “who gets to live in St. Anthony Park in 2030?”

JOTP Partnership

The Equity Committee has developed a partnership with local soccer nonprofit, Joy of the People (JOTP). As JOTP works on building out the South St. Anthony Park Rec Center, the Equity Committee is a committed partner in including neighbors in the decisions made at that site. View our Community Benefits Agreement here.


Committee Goals 2017

  1. Support and administer the Equity Framework in the 10 year planning process.
  2. Identify equity partners in the neighborhood working on these issues already.
  3. Have an Equity Committee presence at community events pertaining to goals of the EquityCommittee.
  4. Promote an open door policy to the Equity Committee in an effort for the Equity Committeeto represent the diversity in our neighborhood. Work to recruit new members.
  5. Continue and expand food justice work.