St. Paul’s 17 District Councils recognize outstanding neighbors and partners from across Saint Paul at the annual Neighborhood Honor Roll event. SAPCC recognizes additional ┬ácommunity partners in our Community Spotlight.
We recognize outstanding community members or groups from the St. Anthony Park community as part of the Neighborhood Honor Roll celebration. We would like to recognize a few of our standout community leaders out of many nominations received from our community and thank the members of our community who give so much time and energy to impact issues that affect us all.

Previously recognized community leaders:

2017: (NHR) Janet Lawson, Shadaria Brown, Anton Jerve; (CS) Mary Wiley, Melissa Williams, Lydia Place

2016: Workhorse Coffee Bar, Les Everett, Regula Russelle

2015: Betty Wheeler, Daniel Sarasti

2014: Transition Town-All St. Anthony Park, Stephen Mastey, Mary Beck, Rich Nelson

2013: Sue Conner and Sherm Eagles, Deanna Seppanan, Julie Glowka and Cindy Thrasher

2012: Kristal Leebrick, Scott Hamilton, Alice Duggan

2011: Tom Bielenberg and Hans Weyandt, Michael Russelle, Tim Faacks and Tom Spreigl

2010: Nancy Dilts, Roger Purdy, Cindy Thrasher

2009: Alice Hausman, Renee Hanson, Tim Wulling

2008: Matt Hass, Ray Bryan, Mary Hamel

2004: Kathy Magnuson, Sheila Richter, Bob Straughn

2003: Julie Himmelstrup, Terry Gockman, Elizabeth Clark

2001: Martha Russel, Bob Munson, Mark Hanson, Wayne Barstad

2000: Andy Boss, Chuck McCann, Steve Wellington

Other years’ records are unclear, please share any knowledge to!