Welcome to St. Anthony Park

St. Anthony Park is located the northwest corner of St. Paul, bounded on the north by the cities of Lauderdale and Falcon Heights, on the west by the city of Minneapolis, on the south by I-94, and on the east by Snelling Avenue, the St. Paul Campus of the University of Minnesota, Cleveland/Transfer Road, and BNSF Railroad.

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Who lives in SAP?

MN Compass helps us keep track and compare demographic data in the Twin Cities by neighborhood. Read more about our demographics on their site.

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We have roughly 7,500 residents, over half of whom rent their homes. The majority of people who live in St. Anthony Park are white, but we diversity of people of color and non-native English-speakers as well. Our median household income, at $52,000 roughly, falls above St. Paul’s overall median income. Furthermore, we have a large student population with good access to both the St. Paul and Minneapolis University of Minnesota campuses.

Patterns within Saint Anthony Park

The population of Saint Anthony Park is quite diverse, and there are distinct geographic patterns that emerge when the area is broken down into smaller units.

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