We develop programs to serve our community. Read below for more about our programs and current community initiatives.

Current Programs

Civic Stewardship Program — Our Civic Stewardship Program connects high school students to a careership while giving them their first civic engagement experiences. We bring students into our office and involve them in our work day-to-day and offer them a position on our board and committees. We supply a small stipend to the students in order to support their learning financially. Are you a student or do you know a student interested in this program? Let us know.

Community Initiatives

Transition Town – ASAP — Transition Town – All St. Anthony Park grew out of a 2008 committee initiative called ERG (Energy Resilience Group) to combat climate change. This group of neighbors gained momentum by hosting events, writing articles, conducting outreach and more. They ultimately won a $15,000 grant from the St. Anthony Park Community Foundation that allowed them to launch their program. We proudly serve as their fiscal sponsor.

Community Garden — The community garden hosts a location for neighbors to grow vegetables and herbs during the summer. Last year, the community garden donated 550 pounds of food to a food shelter.

Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ) — CEZ grew out of a community effort to protect artist communities in our neighborhood and support creative enterprises in South St. Anthony Park. In early 2015, the group gained enough traction to launch their own organization.