The Transportation Committee works on connectivity, walkability, biking options, and multimodal transportation in our community.

The Transportation Committee meets the LAST Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm at the SAPCC office.

Minutes from previous committee minutes are archived and available to read online.

2018 Committee Goals

1. Safety:
  • Work with the Safe Routes to Schools committee on establishing a school speed zone around SAP Elementary and general support.
  • Get the high-visibility pedestrian crossing signs reinstalled at key intersections, especially along Raymond (the Grand Round). Assess the whole path from Seal to Raymond Station for safety and accessibility.
  • Work in concert with Prospect Park on traffic calming changes along Franklin as Weyerhauser work begins to ensure safe pedestrian crossings to the Green Line.
  • Hold two Stop for Me crosswalk events.
2. Pedestrian connectivity and amenities:
  • Make progress toward sidewalk infill/shared right of way/an official path north from Carleton to Long to Hampden.
  • Explore public access to between the north end of Berry and Westgate Station.
  • Make progress on a bench-building program, particularly along the path to Raymond Station from Seal particularly.
3. Bike infrastructure:
  • Work with the city to add bike parking in South St. Anthony Park.
  • Monitor and support creation of the Wabash bike connection to the Weyerhauser development.
  • Monitor and participate in community work toward Minneapolis Greenway extension and the Granary Road connection to Energy Park Drive.
4. Transit:
  • Work with Metro Transit to better connect North St. Anthony Park to the Green Line using existing bus routes.
  • Discuss better Metro Transit access to the Bell Museum, opening summer 2018.
  • Facilitate access to the Transit Access Program (TAP) for all neighbors who meet requirements.
5. Outreach and project oversight:
  • Hold a transportation/equity fair to connect on the TAP issue, gather input on safety and accessibility, promote the Bicycle Benefits program and Safe Routes to School, talk about pedestrian and bike visibility, promote bus availability
  • Como Phase 2: Monitor work/staging and communicate with the community. Work for the best possible pedestrian crossings at points like Valentine. Assist with business access promotion while the street is closed, including advocating for traffic calming measures on informal detours.
  • Cleveland Phase 1: Give input to planning for the 2018 Larpenteur to Hoyt segment, assuring it meets the standards of the Raymond project at a minimum.
Do you have transportation issues that you want to present to the Committee? Would you like to join this Committee? Email Pat.