The Transportation Committee works on connectivity, walkability, biking options, and multimodal transportation in our community.

The Transportation Committee meets the LAST Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm at the SAPCC office.

Minutes from previous committee minutes are archived and available to read online.


2020 Transportation Committee Goals – approved 2/27/2020

1. Safety: 

  • Communicate with St. Paul Public Works to get the high-visibility pedestrian signs reinstalled at key intersections (Raymond at Blake,Territorial at Seal). 
  • Hold at least one Stop for Me crosswalk event. 
  • Hold one safety event at St. Anthony Park Elementary School.

2. Pedestrian and bike connectivity, infrastructure:

  • Work toward creating an official walking/biking path north from Carleton to Long Avenue. 
  • Continue advocating to upgrade the pedestrian path from Seal to Raymond Station for safety and accessibility. 
  • Coordinate with Prospect Park on traffic calming along Franklin for pedestrian access to the Green Line. 
  • Winter sidewalk conditions, including from Seal Street to Raymond Station.
  • Winter bike lane conditions
  • Liaison with city staff and elected officials on Ayd Mill Road process

3. Transit:

  • Follow up with Metro Transit on connecting NSAP to the Green Line using existing bus routes (via route 87 or 30). 
  • Work with U of M on expanding transit subsidies for students and staff
  • Advocate with Metro Transit on the E Line route terminus at Westgate

4. Outreach and project oversight:

  • Rethinking 94: Participate in the corridor working group for climate and livability goals.
  • Cleveland (Como to Larpenteur): Continue giving input to planning and design (construction in 2021 and 2022). 
  • Como Phase 3 (Brompton to Minneapolis border): Monitor construction, communicate with neighborhood on detours.
  • Provide a neighborhood transportation perspective to all work to implement the district’s 10-year plan, the Luther Seminary project, Creative Enterprise Zone public realm work, Westgate Station area plan. 

5. Communication:

  • Improve communication to St. Paul Public Works generally for signage and traffic-calming requests, (such as at Territorial and Hampden, Branston).
  • Work with the U of M on fraternity/sorority parking solutions, long-term car storage, other campus parking-related solutions

Do you have transportation issues that you want to present to the Committee? Would you like to join this Committee? Email Pat.