Over a year ago, the Land Use Committee of the St. Anthony Park Community Council convened an ADU Task Force to review accessory dwelling units across the country with one question: are accessory dwelling units appropriate for St. Anthony Park? This group studied accessory dwelling units in other cities in order to make a recommendation for our neighborhood. After two public meetings and two public commentary periods, the ADU Task Force compiled all of the information they received and the knowledge they gained through the process to give a recommendation on ADUs in St. Anthony Park. Read the recommendation here: SAP ADU Task Force Final Recommendation 11-18-15

To read more about the ADU process, click here.

At the same time, the City of St. Paul worked on a parallel track to understand the appropriateness of ADUs in St. Paul. The City has come back to us with an initial recommendation of ADUs within .5 miles of the light rail along University Ave. The Land Use Committee expects to discuss both the City’s recommendation and the ADU Task Force recommendation at the Land Use meeting next month (January 7th at 7:00pm at Jennings 2455 University Ave.). Please email Cailin at cailin@sapcc.org with any questions.