After several successful years as a program of SAPCC, the Creative Enterprise Zone has created enough momentum to break off as its own entity. CEZ grew out of a concern that creative enterprises ranging from artists to light industries were being displaced. To address these concerns, SAPCC brought together a diverse group of community members to develop a plan to find a way to maintain the creative character of the neighborhood.

After a six month planning process, the CEZ Action Committee began the work of showcasing the creativity happening here, branding the area, connecting people in ways that support their economic vitality, and advocating for spaces and places that will lead to more people making a living based on their creative capacity.

Now the action team leading CEZ has readied the program to take its next big step. The overwhelming successes of the events CEZ has hosted, the strong base of supporters it has cultivated, and the backing of SAPCC make the leadership team confident in making the move to create a bigger and better version of the Creative Enterprise Zone.

This new iteration of CEZ as a separate entity will support their autonomy and self-sufficiency as an Action Team. They will have a greater capacity to focus on their fundraising activities and staffing needs to foster entrepreneurship alongside businesses and community development in South St. Anthony. We have been lucky to see the incredible work this group has done and

 This new iteration of the CEZ as a separate entity from SAPCC is a move in the direction of autonomy and self-sufficiency for them. As an autonomous organization, they will be better able to focus their fund raising activities and staffing needs on fostering entrepreneurship alongside responsible business and community development in South St. Anthony. We are excited to continue working with CEZ on increasing the visibility of our community, giving greater exposure to our creative enterprises, as well as highlighting the work of artists and artisans who occupy the lofts and offices in our busy industrial area.

CEZ embodies the amazing things that can happen when citizen groups feel empowered to take on the issues that matter most to them; aligning the entire community to projects and programs that will maintain the unique character of SAP. While we are sad to see such a strong program leave the Community Council, we are proud to have been there at its inception and look forward to partnering with CEZ on important projects in our shared community. We look forward to seeing what CEZ does in the coming months and years!

Please join us in wishing CEZ and their leadership team the best of luck on their new venture!