During Covid times, we have learned how much we miss when we can’t share meals.  Whether it’s with friends, family, or strangers, building relationships over meals is an important part of many cultures.  

The decision has been made to formally sunset the Innovation Fund from the City at the end of 2021, meaning the funding for food initiatives by SAPCC is no longer available.  We have previously used these funds for community meals at the Seal and Union Flats apartments, getting fresh produce to residents during the pandemic, and providing boxed meals for neighbors in need.  

As we set our goals for 2022, being able to come together over a meal (or a knock on the door and a quick smile to an isolated resident as we deliver a meal) is a priority.  Battling food insecurity is only getting harder as the pandemic lingers and evictions increase.   This is an issue that we need to confront head-on, but we cannot do this without your help!  Please consider a donation to SAPCC’s Community Fund to help us continue these important programs.