R’Elle Robinson, a junior at Jennings Community School in South St. Anthony Park, recently won an award from the University of Minnesota’s Equity and Diversity Office. R’Elle, a student representative on the Jennings School Board, won the Polaris Young Leadership away for her work building community at Jennings, her leadership among her peers, and her trailblazing spirit.

The awards dinner at Coffman Memorial Hall on Thursday April 27th, 2017 will honor R’Elle and the other awardees. If you would like to learn more about the award or register for the dinner, click here. Congratulations to R’Elle!

Thank you to Natasha Lapcinski for taking R’Elle’s head shot! Reach out to natasha.lapcinski13@gmail.com to learn about her packages and her current special offering free mini photography sessions to those working or volunteering to make their communities better.

Congrats, R’Elle!