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Hello St. Anthony Park,

Thank you to all who were able to attend the community meeting on Wednesday. There was good and honest dialogue from all parties and by the end of the meeting there were steps made towards reaching agreements about potential projects at the park/center. Here at JOTP, we heard your voices and continue to be committed to making the best park and recreational center in the US that everyone in the neighborhood can take pride in and use. After discussing the proposition to re-surface the tennis courts at South St. Anthony Park we are pivoting and making changes to the original proposal.

Based off the feedback received by those in attendance, email, and door-to-door conversations we are now looking at a tennis specific surface with ITF (International Tennis Federation) approval and rating. The turf has a 3 star (medium rating), would simulate a grass court, and laid over the current hard court. The new surface is used in various countries around the world and has received positive reviews from many tennis communities. The surface is considered by many to be friendlier on joints, safer, and playable in wet weather.

Under this re-surfacing, tennis would continue as is at the park. Hours of community tennis use will not go away and perhaps increase under this proposal. As per our 2013 agreement with the city and Park and Rec, JOTP will provide community use times and publish them on the website and tennis court.

Our next steps are to continue to receive feedback from everyone.. We would like to host another community meeting on Wednesday June 1st at 6:30 to discuss and gauge support for this possible re-surfacing.

I am including links to information about the company that installs the surface as well as reviews from tennis players and coaches about the surface.

http://tigerturf.com/uk/sports/tennis http://tigerturf.com/uk/advantage-pro  http://tigerturf.com/uk/warwick-boat-club

Here is a link about the proposal on the JOTP webpage.


We want to continue to receive more input from neighborhood residents.  If you have thoughts, questions, or would like more information about the surface (specs, durability etc…) please email alex@joyofthepeople.org or call at 651-270-9035.


Alex Manning

Director of Community Outreach, Fundraising, and Research
Joy of the People