Our neighborhood has a unique opportunity to build something with the help of an awesome local arts organization. The result will be something Desnoyer Parkand St. Anthony Park can use to advocate for a better Pelham Blvd bridge over I-94. With reconstruction scheduled just a few years out, now’s the time to imagine a more inviting connection for people on foot or bike than what we have now.

HOW: Our neighborhoods received funding through the Better Bridges Project to work on community engagement around the Pelham bridge. To learn more, visit friendlystreetsinitiative.org/projects/better-bridges

WHO: Leonardo’s Basement provides year-round, inventive workshop classes to help people of all backgrounds and ages apply the powers of imagination, curiosity, problem solving, and risk taking to create engineering, art, and technology projects. They are pros at working with kids and adults on building cool stuff. To learn more, visit leonardosbasement.org

WHEN: Annual Desnoyer Park Picnic

June 11, 2016


in Desnoyer Park (across Pelham bridge on Pelham Blvd)
WHAT: Building a large-scale model bridge. Leonardo’s Basement got design input from our communities at an event in April, and they’ll have all the tools for neighborhood residents ages 5-95 to help construct a 15 foot bridge. It is being designed to move between our two neighborhoods to start and drive conversations about the real bridge’s design.

All interested residents are welcome to participate. We’re hoping for a mix of kids, experienced carpenters, and interested-but-less-technically-skilled adults (that would be me!). If you’re not the building type, but you’re curious to stop by and check it out, please do! We’ll have refreshments for builders and on-lookers alike.

Please RSVP to Cailin@sapcc.org by June 9th so Leonardo’s Basement can plan accordingly.