Quarantine, Office Closure, Online Meetings, and Resources

As your Community Council, built and sustained on the mission of serving the people who live in this neighborhood, we are urging all human contact be suspended.  We continue to encourage community members and people who commute to St. Anthony Park to be diligent about wearing facemasks in and outside as well as maintaining 6 ft distance and refraining from tasks that are inessential.

Though we personally serve and represent folks in St. Anthony Park, we are undeniably a part of a local ecosystem of our immediate City. Everyone must do their part to slow the spread. With that in mind, SAPCC is cancelling all upcoming events and moving our Board and Committee meetings online. Our office will be closed, though staff will continue to work remotely. Details on joining meetings will follow shortly.

Minnesota COVID-19 Response
A People-Centered Response to COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

***Relief Programs***

COVID-19 Housing Assistance Program is now open for applications (8/26)

What is the COVID-19 Housing Assistance Program?

The COVID-19 Housing Assistance Program provides housing assistance payments to help prevent eviction, prevent homelessness, and maintain housing stability for eligible renters and homeowners. Local administrators will review applications from individuals and families requesting assistance, verify eligibility, and process payments for eligible expenses on behalf of households.
Read through eligibility requirements for applying as well as what this program can assist with (rent payments, mortgage payments… etc)

Apply Here

This form is available in Hmong, Somali and Spanish. To access this form in one of these languages, contact 211 for assistance ( Call: 211 or 651.291-0211 Toll Free: 800.543-7709 ).

Daim ntawv kuj muaj yam siv lus Hmoob, Somali thiab Mev. Yog xav siv daim ntawv no yam siv ib hom ntawm cov lus no, hu rau 211 rau txoj kev pab ( Hu: 211 los yog 651.291-0211 Hu Dawb: 800.543-7709 ).

Foomkan waxaa la heli karaa isagoo ah afafka Hmoonga, Soomaaliga iyo Isbaanishka. Si aad u hesho foomkan isagoo mid afafkaas ah ku qoran, kala xiriir 211 gargaarid ( Wac: 211 ama 651.291-0211 Khadka lacag la’aanta ah: 800.543-7709 ).

Este formulario está disponible en hmong, somalí y español. Para acceder a este formulario en uno de esos idiomas, llame al 211 para obtener asistencia ( Llame al: 211 o 651.291-0211 llame gratis al:800.543-7709 ).


Ramsey County is awarding a total of $40,000 in grants for services that support immigrant and refugee families and/or families of immigrants and refugees. In the current climate, with constant changes coming from the federal level, many of our residents are at risk. We are offering grant awards in order to support people in our community who are impacted by these measures. The objective is to ensure that individuals and families with mixed immigration statuses are aware of and can access resources and services for which they qualify without fear in both their community and Ramsey County. Apply here: Immigration Wrap Around Services Application Instructions.
Applicants may apply for up to $5,000 dollars. This is a short-term opportunity, with services in place from October 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020. 
All topics are encouraged to apply and will be reviewed, but priority will be given to applications addressing at least one of the following focus areas:


This is a current list of our local businesses and restaurants that are open for takeout/online ordering. Please support by take out and large tips rather than dining in and jeopardizing the health of those who work at the restaurants etc.

General Information about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

City of Saint Paul Information Related to Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Information from Ramsey County Public Health 
Information from the Minnesota Department of Public Health 

New Language Resource Line to Call- The City of Saint Paul has a new phone line and email address to answer questions about the City’s response to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Interpreters are available to answer questions in Hmong, Karen, Oromo, Somali, and Spanish. Learn more at stpaul.gov/coronavirus.
Phone Number: 651-266-6000
Email: LanguageResources@ci.stpaul.mn.us

St. Paul Public Schools Updates

Back-to-School iUpdate Now Open

  • Complete required school and district forms including the Technology Use Agreement (for student iPad use) and field trip and media permission forms. 
  • Add or change primary and alternative addresses to ensure accurate school-bus transportation to and from home or childcare addresses (if/when hybrid or in-person learning returns later this year).
  • Add or change phone numbers and email addresses to ensure the District has accurate contact information on file for your family. 
  • Once completed, you’ll be asked to fill out the Application Educational Benefits/Free or Reduced Price Meals. Please complete this step regardless of your family’s income.

    Please complete your Back-to-School iUpdate, now open at spps.org/onestop. Using iUpdate parents and guardians accomplish the following annually required tasks:
    How to access iUpdate: 
    Visit the One Stop website at spps.org/onestop. Note: Only one parent or guardian in a primary household completes iUpdate.
    For assistance, submit your question or describe your problem using the One Stop Assistance Request form.

Resources for Unemployment

Multiple languages listed below.
COVID-19 and Unemployment(English)- this link provides information on how to apply for unemployment if your job has been affected by businesses needing to close, it also can be applicable if your hours have been cut or if you have decided (admirably so) to take a voluntary unpaid leave because of COVID-19. Read through for more FAQs 
Ku soo Dhawaada Barnaamijka Caymiska Shaqo la’aanta ee Minnesota (Somali)
Bienvenido al programa del Seguro de Desempleo del estado de Minnesota (Espanol)
Minnesota Unemployment Insurance – Xeev MN Pob Nyiaj Thov Pab Thaum Poob Haujlwm (Hmoob)


BrightSide Produce — a 501(3)c non-profit that seeks to improve access to healthy foods in the Twin Cities — has recently launched a weekly fruit and veggie home delivery service in St. Paul. It’s a win-win! You receive an assortment of our high-quality, fresh produce right at your doorstep each week AND you help advance BrightSide’s mission of eliminating food insecurity in urban areas.
BrightSide Home Deliveries consist of bundles of conventional fruits (e.g., banana bunch, mangos, oranges, apples, grapes, cherries, pears, lemons, limes) and vegetables (e.g. avocados, green peppers). The exact number of items each week depends on the bundle size you choose (Large or Small) and current product costs. You can indicate item preferences, and
issue a “vacation hold” for any weeks you will be out of town. BrightSide also offers tiered pricing: those who can contribute to a more equitable local food system pay a food justice surcharge, and those who experience food insecurity receive a lower price option.

Help folks get fresh produce!

From the Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative
Due to COVID-19 outbreak, most of the sites on our Free Community Meals Calendar are canceling meals for the foreseeable future.  Two Loaves and Fishes sites will provide a “to go” meal this week (this is subject to change so please advise families to call ahead).  
In the meantime, here is a great resource of restaurants that are offering a free box lunch for children

Mental Health Resources

The attached information is from the National Alliance on Mental Health, please share.
COVID-19 Updated Guide

Ramsey County residents who are experiencing stress and mental health symptoms as a result of COVID-19 are encouraged to call the county’s Crisis Team for support and resources. The county’s two crisis lines continue to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

  • Children’s Mental Health Crisis Line: 651-266-7878. 
  • Adult Mental Health Crisis Line: 651-266-7900. 

 CDC: Helping Children Cope During and After a Crisis  
 CDC – Printable Coping Strategies Activity and Coloring Book  
 PBS – How You and Your Kids Can De-Stress During Coronavirus 

How to Help Our Community Members Who Use Drugs:
What is Harm Reduction? “Harm reduction is a set of practical strategies and ideas aimed at reducing negative consequences associated with drug use. Harm Reduction is also a movement for social justice built on a belief in, and respect for, the rights of people who use drugs.“- Harm Reduction Coalition
Never Use Alone is an organization to help folks who want or need to use drugs and don’t want to be alone when doing it. There is a hotline to call so you can be on the phone with someone during the time that you use- 1(800)484-3731

Resources for Artists

Public Art Saint Paul has compiled a comprehensive, easy to navigate list of resources for artists who will be hit especially hard.
Check it out, share with your friends who make art!

Support Black, Trans, Indigenous, Two-Spirit Artists  Especially when it comes to black trans women/femmes/and indigenous two spirit people, artists are equally the most impacted by this and the most capable of envisioning a holistic and effective response to it. You need only to look at the two black trans legends on Minneapolis City Council and the work of Little Earth of United Tribes on their resilience hub pilot to know that.

Resources for People Without Shelter/Housing Insecure

Hennepin County Library compiled a list of shelters/services/organizations providing shelter or help to those who don’t have a place to sleep or live.

Please consider donating money to these places that are providing basic resources, especially if you still have an income/home.