Hi neighbors,

We received the following letter from the City of St. Paul regarding the Pelham Bikeway project.

City Council will hold a public hearing regarding proposed implementation of bicycle facilities on Pelham Boulevard, Myrtle Avenue, and Raymond Avenue. you are invited to attend and provide testimony in favor of, or in opposition to, the proposed project. The public hearing will be held:

5:30 pm
City Hall and Courthouse
15 W Kellogg Blvd
City Council Chambers – 3rd Floor
St. Paul, MN 55102

If you cannot attend the public hearing, you can email comments to ward4@ci.stpaul.mn.us to have them included in the public record.

Project Purpose
Public Works is recommending the implementation of protected bike lanes along Pelham Boulevard and Myrtle Avenue. The purpose of the improvements is to:
Implement traffic calming along Pelham Boulevard by narrowing the travel lanes to slow traffic speeds
Improve safety and comfort for people using bicycles by providing protected bicycle lanes
Improve safety and comfort for people walking by making Pelham Boulevard travel lanes narrower and easier to cross
Implement the recommendations of the Saint Paul Grand Round Design and Implementation Plan

Public Involvement
City staff hosted an Open House event 1/17/2017 at Merriam Park Recreation Center to present information regarding implementation of the first phase of improvements. Postcard invitations to the Open House were mailed to over 600 property owners, tenants, and residents along the project corridor. The proposed changes to Pelham Boulevard, Myrtle Avenue and Raymond Avenue were presented and attendees were invtied to provide feedback, ask questions, and discuss project impacts.

Major Project Changes
At the January Open House, city staff communicated that on-street parking would be removed from both sides of Myrtle between Pelham Boulevard and Raymond Avenue to provide space for the protected bike lane. We heard from numerous sources that on-street parking in this location was a valued asset. In response to this feedback, city staff is now recommending that Myrtle Avenue become a one-way westbound street for motorists, while still allowing two-way traffic for bicycles in the designated bike lanes. By eliminating eastbound motorized traffic from the street, the existing on-street parking will remain in place on the north side of the street. This change preserves 21 on-street parking spaces previously proposed to be removed. Motorized traffic currently moving eastbound on Myrtle Avenue will make that eastbound movement on Wabash Avenue or using a combination of Franklin Avenue and University Avenue. A Summary of Engineering Recommendations for the project is available on the project website. The summary details the proposed changes, including the construction of the bicycle facilities, safety improvements, and parking impacts. This document can be found on the project website at www.stpaul.gov/pelham-bikeway.