Changes Happening Now with St. Paul Recycling Bins
 Sometime between November 29 and January 14, residents in St. Paul will receive a recycling cart to replace their blue Eureka recycling bin. Starting the week of January 16, residents will use their new cart instead of the bin. The carts will conveniently be picked up in the same location as your trash weekly. The majority of the community will have a new collection day, but you can see your collection day on the map that will come with your new bin. SAPCC no longer has recycling bins available at the Council nor will Eureka continue to distribute the square blue recycling bins. The carts will entirely replace the bins.

After 90 days of use, you will be able to request a larger or smaller cart if necessary. The new cart will help you recycle all of the same materials as your bin. You can keep your blue bin, but if you would like to get rid of yours, you can drop it off between January 9 and January 29 at:
Arlington Hills Community Center 1200 Payne Ave.
or Palace Community Center 781 Palace Ave.

For more information, call 651-888-7678 or visit