SAPCC owes a huge thank you to intern Jeff Cornell. Jeff spent his last semester at Augsburg College researching and writing a transportation study for St. Anthony Park. Jeff studied the different multi-modal transportation systems in St. Anthony Park–transit, biking, and walking–and offered areas of improvement on all three. Read the report here: SAPCC Transportation Study 2016

Transit: Bus stops along the 87, along with other high use, unsheltered stops, should be studied further and presented to Metro Transit as in need of shelters and/or benches. Adding shelters and benches to these stops may increase ridership along these routes.

Bicycling: Missed connections going east to Midway, both north and south of University, will need to be investigated. Bicycle lanes along Como, Cleveland, and Pelham are being planned as part of the Saint Paul Bicycle Plan, and the design of these lanes should be discussed in the community. Bicycle parking will continue to be on a per-building owner basis.

Pedestrian: Conversations with Al Czaia from Saint Paul Public Works should be continued to gain new sidewalks in Saint Anthony Park. The ADA case for new walking paths from Seal High Rise to the Green Line should be carried out.