The results are in! 168 people responded to the online survey on the proposal put forth by Joy of the People (JOTP) to resurface the South St. Anthony Park tennis courts with a turf surface conducive to soccer and grass tennis playing.

Read the report here: JOTP Report

Overall, respondents to the survey were supportive of the resurfacing–both those who use the Rec Center from out of the neighborhood and those who live within the neighborhood. In South St. Anthony Park, 49% of residents (23 people) who responded on the survey agreed with the tennis courts resurfacing proposal; 23% (11 people) responded neutrally; and 28% (13 people) disagreed with the proposal. In North St. Anthony Park, 23 residents responded. 91% (21 people) agreed with the resurfacing proposal, while 9% of residents (2 people) disagreed with the proposal.

The majority of people who disagreed with the tennis courts proposal live in the South Side of St. Anthony Park, and several of them live in very close proximity to the park. This survey unearthed some concerns that they have about park management and maintenance. SAPCC is currently working with JOTP and the City of St. Paul to address these neighborhood concerns and build stronger relationships within the neighborhood over the South St. Anthony Park Rec Center.

While in this process, we want to hear from you! Do you live in South St. Anthony Park? Do you have some ideas on how to improve the park? Let us know! Email