SAPCC staff were generously awarded scholarships through the McKnight Foundation and the Alliance for Metropolitan Stability to attend the 2015 PolicyLink Conference on equity and racial justice. At that conference, we came away with concrete skills for application, new connections both in MN and other states, and examples that will help guide our work towards supporting equity and justice. We wanted to share some of those resources with you!


The Equity Manifesto — read the manifesto for equity that PolicyLink has adopted and guides the work of many of its partners.

All-In Cities — learn more about how cities across the country are tackling racial inequities, driving success through inclusivity.

Racial Inclusion and a Strong Economy — read the PolicyLink brief about how inclusion supports economic growth.


PolicyLink has an incredible database of resources and advocates across the nation working on equity. We encourage you to check out some more of their selected publications from 2014-2015 and contact us if you have questions, want further resources, or just want to talk about racial equity in the Twin Cities. Watch our website for more information as we continue to disseminate what we learned at the conference. We will soon unveil our strategic plan that is in its final stages of approval by the board–it will include an important, thought-out component calling out equity as an important value and goal over the next several years and into the future. We look forward to working on these issues with you.

Selected publications by PolicyLink