At the November 12th Board Meeting, the Board of Directors for St. Anthony Park Community Council approved our strategic plan for 2015-2020. This long and intentional process reflects the values SAPCC has and explores the ways in which we seek to serve our community.


The St. Anthony Park Community Council is where residents and businesses come together on vital neighborhood interests that enhance the quality of life, strengthen the character and vitality of the community, and ensure the effectiveness of government.

Core Values

  • Welcoming – all are welcome regardless of any classification or self-identity
  • Engagement – all we do is achieved by being and working together
  • Community-led – our focus is on the vitality and health of the community and on issues identified and led by the community
  • Partnerships –the issues we face require partnerships and each entity has something to offer and is a part of the answer
  • Respect – for diversity of opinion, experience, and dialogue processes for reaching agreement

In our strategic plan, we undertake planning assumptions, create a strategic vision, and develop strategic goals. We’re excited to begin our work refreshed and driven by a strong direction. Thank you to those who helped in this process–the community members and businesses who gave feedback, the volunteers who worked on the plan, and Barbara Raye for leading the process. We’re proud of what we’ve come up with.